Unofficial positive

Last night I got home around 8:30 and decided that, since I was late and we were trying, I’d try a pregnancy test. I used a Clear Blue one, and it came back positive! My personality is such that I assume the worst and figured it was a false positive. So Cameron and I got ready and went out to buy new tests. I drank a bunch of water, waited an hour, and took a second test. I was also positive.

I decided to call my folks to let them know. My mother got pretty dang emotional and my dad was happy and proud.

This morning I took a third test – I know, overkill – and it also came back positive.

I called my general doctor this morning to set up a blood test for confirmation. I will find that out on Monday morning. I am pretty certain it is possible, but I won’t get excited until Monday when I find out for sure.

On a related note, I’m super duper tired. 🙂


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