Nighttime Sickness and Crossfit Mom

Before I ramble on, let me just say that I think this blog could be a useful resource for women trying to have a baby, who are pregnant, or who already have young children. I’d like to find resources for all of those stages and post them as I find them. I’m doing the research for myself, but I might as well share it. If anyone, anyone, starts to follow, then I’ll go back through old posts and categorize them. That way, if a woman only wants to see what I’ve said about the 1st trimester for example, it will all be sorted that way.

It seems to me that I don’t have morning sickness in the morning. I have only been feeling queasy in the evenings, maybe 7 or later. I can usually eat dinner just fine, but then I start getting a little funky feeling. Either way, it isn’t that bad yet. Yet!

I’m not stealing anyone’s thunder, so I’ll just direct you to Lots of great ideas for how to workout safely during pregnancy.

Yesterday I went to the gym, and the trainer Jeff told me that it’s not a good idea to go upside down. [We were practicing handstands.] Also he mentioned something about keeping my heart rate low. It’s not as important to be intense in my workouts these days. I just need to work out to stay toned and keep moving. But getting sweaty and gross is no longer necessary. Bummer! [sarcasm]


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