Yesterday, Cameron and I went to our first OB appointment. Unfortunately, I didn’t realize that I needed to let them know ahead of time I was already pregnant. You see, I scheduled the appointment about two months ago, and no one told me that, if I get pregnant before my appointment, I need to inform someone.

Because of that, I was scheduled in for a 15-minute pre-conception visit. Luckily they were able to give us more than that…

We first went through a whole bunch of questions about our medical and family histories. Then I had a somewhat standard gyno checkup, but she basically was feeling my pelvic bone and my uterus. She said it felt pregnant. Haha, cool? Then we did a sonogram. We could see the heartbeat on the machine. She also measured the fetus (embryo?), and it was about a half centimeter long. Our doc wasn’t quite adept with the machine and lost the image before printing it. Luckily, the head sonographer was able to squeeze us in, and we had a second sonogram done on a different machine and were able to HEAR the heartbeat. Neat!

Here is a picture of babe-o right now. It’s tiny, but the top and bottom are marked.

After we left, the doctor said, “Nice to meet the 3 of you!” I liked that.


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