General update

I’m almost 8 weeks now, and I am itching to tell my students. I’ve been snacking in class and leaving to go to the bathroom a lot, but I can’t tell them why! 4 more weeks seems like a lot.

Another thing I need to research is my diet. I hear little bits and pieces from different people, but if I put all those tips together, it seems I can’t eat a dang thing! So I need to investigate.

Tomorrow is my mom’s birthday, and it is also my second OB appointment. We will talk a lot about diet and exercise and so on. I have lots of questions! I think it’s important to have questions prepared ahead of time, so I recorded questions any time they came to me. Otherwise it’s hard to come up with questions on the spot!

I am so tired these days. This is how it goes for the first trimester, I have heard. I just have to make it through 4 more weeks, and I should hopefully get a boost of energy.

For now, it’s dinner time. Sweet potatoes with tuna and corn.


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