Long time no post

I haven’t gained any weight. I eat all the time. And I’m so so tired. That is it! That’s all I say over and over. But it’s true, every day.

I ate so much yesterday, but I still lost weight. I don’t really understand that. But I haven’t had any weird cramps, so I am not nervous that something bad has happened. It’s just that my weight is not staying steady or moving upward, so it seems strange.

It also seems strange to me that my next appointment is in a whole month. That seems so far away. It seems that so much could happen, good and bad. But that is standard, and I will be okay with it.

I will be okay. I have to learn how to handle my stress better. Maybe the solution is more prayer, yoga, meditation. I don’t know.

Oo! I’m getting a facial today! I do hope that my face isn’t red and disgusting when we go to dinner shortly after. My face is breaking out, and I can’t use one of the acne medications I own. So I am looking for other solutions.


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