I’m starting to show. Alright, to the rest of the world, I probably look about the same. But when I see myself in the mirror, I see a pooch. And that’s the small-grapefruit-sized uterus hanging out in there, taking up some extra space.

I think back now to all of the misconceptions I had about pregnancy. They seem so obvious now, but here are a few things I’ve realized:
1. A woman is pregnant for 9 months, but she doesn’t LOOK pregnant until halfway through. The first few months, she looks about the same!
2. When you start showing early on, it isn’t because the baby is poking out. The baby (right now, at about 10 weeks) is the size of a prune. It’s the uterus that is taking up some hefty space in there.
3. Pregnancy is exhausting. I had heard that pregnant women are tired, but I thought it was because they were carrying around an extra 30 pounds. Really, you are very tired early on because your body is building another body. You’re bodybuilding non-stop. Sure, the body that you’re building is tiny, but all your resources are going to produce skin and a kidney and stomach acid for this thing growing inside of you. It’s also the reason I’m sick; my food energy and sleep reserves are doing me no good! They are helping to build that baby and not really keep me feeling my best.

For now here is a picture at exactly 10 weeks. I’ll post a picture from time to time so “you” (all two of you) can see the progression.


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