Finally looking pregnant

These days, all I seem to do with myself is look down and see how big my belly is. Of course, in the mornings, I look almost the same. But at the end of the day, I feel like there is a humongous belly there. [Then I realize there are a lot of people who look just like that who AREN’T pregnant.]

Most of the bad symptoms are gone these days (did I mention I’m at 14 weeks now?): no more nausea or…. well, that was mostly my issue.

For now, I am just glad to be into the second trimester. I feel more safe. I feel like I am almost pregnant. I haven’t hit the point where I just FEEL pregnant. I’ve felt a few flutters here and there, but overall, I just feel chubby, tired, and hungry. If that’s what “pregnant” is, then I have been wrong about it my whole life! I assume I’ll “feel pregnant” in about a month when the belly is poking out and I feel the little guy (or girl) kicking around in there.

I’ll update again soon. Sorry it’s been a while.


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