There isn’t much to say these days. I’m just moving forward one day at a time. One nasty little side effect is that I’ve been getting heartburn just about every night. It makes getting to sleep frustrating. I try to just drink a lot of water, which means I get up to go to the bathroom in the night. I’d rather do that and not have the discomfort of the heartburn. It makes me feel like I’m going to throw up.

I finally look pregnant (I think) and not just bloated. Granted, a stranger may still just see me as a regular chick and not notice the stomach at all. When does that happen? When I get humongous? Is that where we are these days, that a girl can have a big gut and everyone assumes she just drinks a lot or something? Mama mia.

I read this morning that my feet could get bigger and not go back to the same size. I hadn’t heard that from anyone before. My mama told me that her feet got bigger, which stretched out her shoes, but she never said her feet stayed bigger. The explanation made sense, but I don’t think it’s going to happen.

I have more complaints than anything right now! I’m just going to leave it there.

For now, I’ll keep the rest of my thoughts to myself. 🙂


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  1. My MD started me on over-the-counter Zantac twice a day, and it has worked beautifully. I also don’t eat anything fatty or fried for dinner, and make sure all I have by mouth is water within 2-3 hours of bedtime. So far, that’s what’s working for me–finally got a good night’s rest! Good luck!

    Jessica Darnutzer

  2. I’ve heard heartburn means they have a head full of hair. Keagan was basically bald, and I never had heartburn.
    As for the “fat” vs. “pregnant”, I actually had a co-worker that told me she just thought I was getting a beer gut. Nice…at least if they think you’re fat, they’re not going to randomly rub your belly. This WILL happen from complete strangers. Just be ready…


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