A theme for the “nursery”

scanWe don’t have a second room for the baby, as we live in a 1-bedroom apartment. Our “nursery” will be a corner of our nice-sized bedroom. Once we found out “boy”, I didn’t go searching for a theme. I just figured something would come to me. Then I came across this ad in a baby/newborn magazine, and I just knew. This is it. I love it. Of course “Posh Tots” is expensive. We are registering at Babies R Us. And they don’t have this lovely collection.

I decided to go with Oh! The Places We’ll Go! from Dr Seuss for the theme. It also has hot air balloons. It isn’t quite as… pretty, but it will be just fine. And if I need a certain item, I could always just get a polka dot pattern, and it would fit in just as well.

More in a few days….


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