More symptoms? Yay!

Yesterday, I read my What to Expect app, and they said the following: “The swelling that’s so common during pregnancy can put pressure on the nerve that runs through your wrist, causing numbness, tingling, pain, or a dull ache in the fingers, hand, or wrist.”

Then I realized… I’ve been waking up in the middle of the night more often and have noticed my hands are numb! I just didn’t realize it was a pattern until I read that. Turns out, it happened again the next night. Oh boy!

Also in the past few days, I started feeling major pressure on my bladder. At first I thought, for sure, it’s the baby: he’s positioned himself uncomfortably (for me) down there. Basically I feel like I have a totally full bladder, so I pee. Hardly anything comes out, but immediately afterward, I feel like I have a totally full bladder again!

It was pretty uncomfortable yesterday and today, so I thought some more about it, and it hit me: I’m much more prone to getting a UTI because I’m pregnant. Symptoms of a UTI:

You feel pain or burning when you urinate. CHECK
You feel like you have to urinate often but nothing much comes out. CHECK
Your belly feels tender and heavy. CHECK (although I AM pregnant….)
Your urine is cloudy or smells bad. NOT SURE… Plus I wouldn’t want to share that here!

It also mentions (on webMD) that I should call my doctor immediately since I’m pregnant…. oh brother. Hoping for some other explanation!


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  1. Update: I DO in fact have a UTI. I caught it early, so it isn’t that bad, and I am nearly finished with my antibiotics.

    I also read online about not being able to have intercourse for 2 weeks after the symptoms are gone. Huh? That seems…excessive. I’ll find out tomorrow when I ask my OB at my checkup.


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