Who I am: a note to my future self

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I was watching TV tonight, and someone asked a mom named Danielle, “Who is Danielle?” And she responded, “I’m mommy.” She had forgotten who she was before she had her 3 kids, and she didn’t feel fulfilled anymore.

I thought it’d be useful to create a list of things that I enjoy so I can look back and remember what makes me happy, calm, excited, motivated, and so on.

1. I love pizza. I order pizza maybe once a week. Delivery. Domino’s or Papa John’s, usually.
2. A meal that seems to always make me happy if I’ve had a bad day: Wisey’s Chicken Madness, strawberry lemonade, and a chocolate chip cookie.
3. I read my Google Reader (RSS feed) every day to find out the news and watch funny videos.
4. When I’m getting ready in the morning, I watch an episode or two of The Office.
5. I really enjoy bowling, but it’s not something I do very often! It’s too expensive around here.
6. Cameron and I like to travel and take 3- or 4-day trips from time to time. We stay in a nice hotel, eat at a nice restaurant, play mini golf, and enjoy local activities.
7. I try to read my Bible every day, at least a few chapters.
8. I like to send “thank you” cards and care packages to people when they’ve done something kind or extraordinary.
9. Cameron and I like to go to the movies and also watch movies at home.
10. Cleaning the stove top is irritating, but when it’s clean and the countertops are clean, it feels really good.
11. Freshly shaved legs make me really happy!
12. It is easy to make breakfast the night before: put some yogurt, fresh berries, and honey in a bowl, and leave it in the fridge! Boil some eggs, peel them before bed, and that will be some protein, too.
13. I enjoy lying in bed and reading through a magazine before I go to sleep.
14. I like taking naps on the weekend.
15. I like exploring photos and accounts on Instagram.

I think 15 is good for now. 🙂


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