ECP (Evil Crotch Pain)

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My trainer (I think, jokingly) mentioned that I could be a victim of ECP. And he told me to Google it.

ECP is a made-up term by pregnant women, and it stands for Evil Crotch Pain.

Basically here is what happened:
I’ve been working with a trainer 3 times a week. We do modified Crossfit workouts. A few weeks ago, I pulled a groin muscle while working out. I couldn’t quite tell what was hurting, but I knew a few tiny movements that were really uncomfortable. Finally, after some back-and-forth, the trainer (Chris) and I determined it was a pulled groin. If you have ever pulled this muscle, there really is no easy way to work it out. It isn’t like you can easily massage or ice it. And you use those muscles for basic stuff: walking, sitting, rolling over in bed.

Now, a few weeks after the fact, it STILL hurts like heck. It will be okay for a few days, and then it will come on back. Now, it does seem to hurt the most the day after a workout; however, I’ve only been doing upper body work! I mean, there are certain upper-body movements that naturally involve the lower body. So perhaps the workouts are exacerbating the issue.

Regardless, today was bad. I couldn’t even stand to teach by the end of the day. I did it anyway, but it was painful.

I told Chris, and he said that I should take several days off, maybe more. I have my next OB appointment next Wednesday, so I will let her know what’s going on. Maybe they could check for something else in there. I’m pretty sure it’s JUST a muscle issue. But maybe it is baby-related. My thinking is this: it’s only on the left side, and the baby’s all over. If it were baby-related, it would hurt all around down there.

Anyway, this has been ongoing for a little while… I’m praying for healing, soon (in His time).


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