First baby-related nightmare

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Last night, I had my first nightmare where something happened to the baby.

In the dream, I was giving blood, and I was in the same stage of pregnancy I am now. There was a man there, also giving blood.

The man says to the nurse, “You can get my blood faster if you stuck in more needles.” As he said that, he started shoving a bunch of needles in his body: his arms, his legs, his neck, his stomach.

Then he walked over to me and started sticking needles in me, including my stomach. Before I could stop him, there was blood shooting out of my stomach.

That’s when I woke up, but really I was in that in-between state where you aren’t quite awake and you aren’t quite asleep. I put my hand on my stomach, and it was flat. The baby was gone! I immediately sat straight up in bed and gasped out loud. Then I put my hand on my stomach again, and he was still there.

Luckily it doesn’t make a lot of sense, so I don’t think it’s based off of a realistic fear. Although, I do have a real fear of a homeless person walking up behind me and stabbing me in the back…


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  1. I had baby dreams all the time! And I believe it can be some of your subconscious fears coming out. One dream I had was that Savannah came out with huge ears. Like dumbo ears. Because her dad had big ears and it obviously bothered me that she might inherit that. Silly I know. Lol. I love analyzing my dreams. And im lucky I remember them fairly well.
    Love your blog! Been keeping up.


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