Carpal Tunnel?

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It has been going on for a little while, but it seems to be much more regular these days: my hands go numb in the middle of the night. It’s strange but it also seems like it’s only the right hand that really bothers me.

Perhaps my body is preparing me for when the baby is here, when I can’t sleep more than 2-3 hours at a time. Nowadays, if it isn’t my groin waking me up (see ECP post), it’s the numb hands. When it’s just me, I can roll over and fall back to sleep in a minute or two. When the baby comes, I’ll wake up but won’t be able to sleep right away because I’ll have to feed. I see the difference. But I really do wonder if these symptoms are God’s way of easing you in to your impending new life.

I did a search this morning to see if there’s anything I can do about this issue. Many people experience pain with it. Luckily, my wrists/hands don’t hurt. I think I am fortunate in that my job is NOT a desk job where I’m typing at a computer all day. I am on my feet, writing on a big dry erase board all day. The numbness/pain is called pregnancy carpal tunnel. It is a result of the swelling that goes along with pregnancy; the confusion for me is this: my hands aren’t swollen. Does this just mean that other parts of my body that ARE swollen are …. “draining” into my hands at night? That’s what I will assume.

Anyway, here is a link for more information about this:

For now, though, I must get ready for church. I’ve gotten sucked into the internet yet again and am officially running 3 minutes behind. 🙂


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