Memory Lane: Medical Version

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I feel sick. Sore throat. Coughing. Weird nausea that won’t go away (it’s been 5 days, off and on). I just feel weird.

But I was thinking about it today, and I am SO thankful that I wasn’t pregnant LAST school year. Here is a short walk down memory lane for School Year 2011-2012, plus one thing from the end of the School Year, 2011.

1. Around April/May of 2011, I had a painful spot on my toe. I thought it was a blister, so I tried to “deal with it”, but it just got gross and worse. I decided to go to a foot doctor. Turned out, I had a wart. Yuck! (I kept this one thumbnail size because it’s gross.)

I tried a treatment at home for several weeks, but it didn’t make a difference. Soooo, the doctor did some outpatient surgery to dig it out. After surgery:

2. Moving right along to just LAST school year. Within the first month, in September, I got strange stomach pains. I had a fever….

It wouldn’t go away. So I went in to the doctor, who could not figure out what was wrong. They decided it COULD be an appendicitis. So I went to an after hours clinic for NINE HOURS one day. Poor Cameron came in with me for a lot of that time. I had to drink a gross “milkshake” before getting an MRI.

It was NOT appendicitis. I left late that night with no answers and a little medication for the pain.

3. Turn now to November of 2011. I needed to have a tuberculosis skin test done for DC Public Schools (my last TB test was more than 3 years before, so it was just a routine thing). I went to my general doctor, had the skin test done, and 10 days later….

Positive! That meant that I had to get treated for tuberculosis.

On to the doctor again, who prescribed me with INH (isoniazid). I had to take this medication for the next 4 months, and then I’d be all clear.

Of course, nothing goes smoothly for me. A month later, I was feeling very sick to my stomach, so I went in for a checkup. Turns out, the INH had totally messed up my liver. I had JAUNDICE! That means my skin and eyes were yellow. They took some blood, and my liver enzymes were out of control. When they test a liver, there are two enzymes they measure, both of which should measure between 0-40 units (not sure the unit). Mine were 300 and 700, both waaaay too high! So I had to stop taking the INH and then go see a pulmonologist (lung doctor). I had to wait until my liver got back to normal before starting any new medication.

Finally, two months later, I started a drug called Rifampin, which I would take for 4 more months.

4. MEANWHILE…. during the TB nonsense, I started breaking out. I have never had acne, but my face and chest and back were horrendous. I saw a dermatologist, who gave me prescription acne medication. It dried me out horribly, but it did work for the most part. This is the best picture I have during that time (other pictures have been deleted!). I just caked on the makeup and wore lots of turtlenecks for several months.

5. Finally, MEANWHILE (again)….during the TB/acne nonsense, I started itching. It was during the winter months, and I always get itchy and dry during the winter, like many people. This was intense though. I itched and itched until I bruised.

It was very frustrating. I saw the dermatologist (same time as in #4), and I found out that I had scabies. Scabies, if you are unsure, are bugs that live under your skin and leave trails of feces…. disgusting.

The treatment was to put a cream all over my body, wait a week, put cream everywhere again, then wait another week. And that did the trick!

It was a rough 12 months. Can you imagine if I were pregnant and dealing with all of that extra stuff? I am thankful that we were not trying to get pregnant at that time. God knows what He’s doing, huh?


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