Today’s Workout!

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For those interested, here is the workout we did today (we = trainer Chris and me):


45 jumping jacks
15 pushups
9 shoulder dislocates (with a PVC pipe)
25 jumping jacks
5 pushups
9 dislocates
Then I repeated the second “set”,


I have a pulled groin (see ECP post), and it was hurting pretty bad today. So we TRIED doing some squats: no go. Then we tried stepping up onto a box while holding just the 15-pound bar, and there was a twinge of pain there, too. Here’s attempt number 1:

After doing a warmup set, my arms were both completely tingly and numb, from the shoulders to the fingertips. That particular hold just wasn’t working today. So, we tried a different hold where the bar was gripped in the crease of my elbows. It was uncomfortable, but I could feel it working my core, so I stuck with it.

Here’s my max weight for today, 45 pounds:

Afterward, because of some shoulder pain I’ve been having, Chris helped me to roll out my left shoulder (using a lacrosse ball):

I should feel some sore ab muscles tomorrow! Woohoo!


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