32 Week Checkup

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I visited the doctor today for a checkup. Technically, I’m 31.5 weeks, but who’s counting?

One thing that drives me crazy about these visits:
1. Someone comes in, checks my blood pressure and urine. Then she asked if I felt the baby moving and if I’d had any cramps or pains. She listened to the heartbeat.
2. Intern-type fella comes in. He asks if I’ve been feeling the baby move and asks if I’d had any cramps. He measured the distance from something to something (I forget…). He asks if I have any questions. [This time, I didn’t say I had any questions because I knew the “real doctor” would ask me the same thing.]
3. Doctor comes in. She asks if the baby’s been moving, if I’ve had any cramping… she also measures the distance thing…. and she asks if I have any questions.

What the heck, people? Can’t I just do everything ONCE? What should have been 10 minutes turned into 45 minutes.

Anyway, I was told my platelet count was low, but it was nothing to be worried about. That’s all I was told, so I don’t have a clue what “low platelets” means.

Something I hadn’t thought of: Birth control post-baby! Are we going to start it up shortly after the baby? If so, what type would I use? It’s a conversation that Cameron and I will need to have.

I felt good today. I went to the gym. Chris (trainer) had me do some rowing, pushups, ring rows, and a variation of the Romanian dead lift. Then I did a Farmer’s Walk with kettle bells.

Chris always asks “How did you feel after the last workout?” But I never remember. I’m going to add that here, in case he asks! Today, my shoulder hurt after the gym. Currently, I only have a tight tight belly. Perhaps I ate too much.

Baby is movin’, so all is well.


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