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I felt weak today. I felt frustrated. I felt tired.

Started with some band work. I stretched out my shoulders a little using a band.
Then I did hips-to-wall (basically a practice movement for deadlifting).
I repeated the same 3 movements at least once more.

Strength Workout
We did strict presses with the barbell. (Side note: I finally figured out the difference between a barbell and a dumbbell. And I feel pretty dumb that I never “got” it before…)
We started with a light bar and did 10 reps.
I moved up to a heavier weight and did 10 reps, which was a slight challenge but nothing outrageous.
Chris added 10 more pounds, so I did 10 more reps with the heaviest. Honestly I was struggling after 8 reps!
Chris then told me we were going to do 10 more reps with the same weight. (“No way!” I thought.) We briefly worked on a way to speed up the reps; I tend to rest the bar on my shoulders for too long, which wears me out faster.
I was able to do about 4 reps using the faster method, then a rest, then another 6 reps.

Conditioning Workout
This was in two parts: Russian Twists and a Hamstring Stretch with a medicine ball
I sat on the floor and picked up two 10-pound plates. I had to simply twist from side to side, touching the plates on the ground on either side. It was tough for me since I normally sit on a box to do it! Because I was sitting on the floor, my legs were forced to be up a little higher, which threw off my balance.
The hamstring part: While standing, holding the medicine ball in front of me, I slowly bent over, reaching one leg out behind me, and tried to touch the floor with the ball. Then I alternated legs.
I repeated those two parts just once.

My balance was off today, so I was getting frustrated. It was a good workout, though – I feel sore and tired!

Also, the weather’s great around these parts today! Make sure to enjoy it, if you’ve got “warm and sunny” too! 😀


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  1. Wow, your work out is serious! I feel so lazy, the only work out I do is walking from fridge to the sofa:))

    • Haha, I enjoy the workouts, and I figured if I keep up the intense workout, I’ll turn into a MEGA beast when the baby’s born. 🙂

    • Oh BTW I’m also in DC! I just realized your link was DC In Style. Cool – we’re neighbors.


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