This Week’s Roundup! The good, bad, and ugly…

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Ups of the Week!

1. My students actually liked exponential growth and decay (or they seemed to get it alright!).

2. I worked out three days in a row.

3. I ordered a pretty little backpack; hopefully it will help with my shoulder pain!

4. The weather was GREAT except for today! I love bright, sunny, and warm.

5. I got a few new maternity pieces of clothing from my mama and also a coworker.

Downs of the Week!

1. I had three meetings at work. Yucky.

2. There was a doctor’s appointment that took WAY too long.

3. My feet are officially swelling! (See two posts back!) And they hurt just a tiny bit.

4. I haven’t been getting good rest. I’ve had to start out on the couch because I am restless and don’t want to keep Cameron awake.

5. I’ve seen the “man in blue” three times, and he doesn’t even acknowledge me! Ugh. (I’ll write about him one of these days, I’m sure.)

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