Swollen Feet

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Check out how swollen my feet look today! Yucky yuck! They don’t really hurt at all. In fact, I thought they were fine until I got home and took off my shoes. Then BAM! Swole up!

Ignoring the tan lines, if you will, here is a before and after!! (The tan line just means I wear the same little flats A LOT!)

Summer 2012 versus Today, Spring 2013


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  1. Eek! I remember my feet swelling in July when I was only 20 weeks along. They stayed that way (along with my legs, which hurt badly) until I gave birth. Get a pedicure. It helps your legs at least feel better!

    • Oh yikes – that’s so much longer! Mine aren’t swollen right now. I walked 3 miles today and worked out for a while, then took a nap. So maybe that got the circulation going? I like my normal, veiny, skinny, flat feet. 🙂


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