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For a while now, I’ve been having some major shoulder pain. I decided (okay, trainer Chris decided) that I needed to wear a backpack instead of a heavy one-shoulder bag (which apparently looks like curtains).

I did a search for “grownup backpacks”. Oprah had a list of them, ranging in price from $32 up to $3,900. I stuck to the low end of the spectrum and purchased the following bag from Baggu:

Monday, April 15, I decided to try it out.

Here’s a picture of the new bag with my old Vera Bradley:

It’s about the same size, which is great. The only difference is that the VB bag has two outside pockets, six inside pockets, and then the main section for big stuff. It was super easy to keep organized. The Baggu bag has an outside zipper pocket which has a small pocket inside of it, another small inside pocket, and then the main section for big stuff.

Before forging ahead, I emptied all the “essentials” from my purse:

I decided to put my phone, headphones, and sunglasses in the zippered pocket.

Inside the smaller pocket inside, I put my small things that I need access to regularly (like Kleenex).

There are other small items (like a single bandaid, medicine, and chapstick) that I don’t use often but might need one day. So I tucked them into a Ziploc bag and put that inside the main part of the bag.

Here is the inside of the bag, with my essential contents:

It was hardly filled AT ALL. So I tested it out for a typical weekday situation. I put in a big Tupperware container and a change of shoes. There was still TONS of space left! I could fit another pair of shoes, a bottle of water, a book, and my iPad easily (not that I’d ever bring all of that to work on a single day).

And finally, the test of cuteness. Does it look okay? My biggest issue with wearing a backpack is that I would look like a high schooler. A pregnant teenager. What do you think?


PROS: Lightweight, colorful, waaaay bigger than it looks

CONS: Hard to access stuff (unlike a purse where it’s just right there at your side), not enough pockets!

But for $40 and loads of color options, I’d say it’s a perfect backpack for grownups. 🙂

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