Frustrated and Tired

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Quick update:

I am 32 weeks, 6 days (so basically, if you ask me today, I’ll say 33 weeks). And by the end of the week, I’ll tell you I have about 6 more weeks to go.

Last night, and many nights recently, I have had trouble sleeping. The heaviness of my belly, pulling to one side or the other, is uncomfortable. And when I feel twinges of pain, I immediately think that correlates with my doing something wrong — in other words, hurting the baby. So it’s mentally exhausting at the same time.

From now on, I told Cameron this morning, I’ll probably sleep on the couch at first. There’s the back of the couch that I can lean up against, and there are the arms, which I can use to push against with my feet, helping me to adjust as needed. I find I slept better last night on the couch first (for a few hours) before moving to the bedroom.

BUT…I woke up feeling totally drained at 6 am.

My friend (and neighbor) Shea, who is 39 weeks along, posted on Facebook last night: “It’s been about 1 month of unintentional sleep deprivation practice (aka insomnia).”

I decided to look online for answers. “How can I get some rest in the third trimester?”

Before I hopped online, though, I checked my What To Expect When You’re Expecting app (it’s great, by the way!). And, lo and behold, the weekly “tip” was regarding insomnia. There are lots of reasons women can’t sleep this late in the game: heartburn, hormonal changes, treks to the bathroom, leg cramps, and, of course, sleeping with a watermelon attached to your stomach. Fortunately, I ONLY feel the last one of those while I’m asleep (heartburn hits me when I first lie down but not afterwards). Basically, the solution is to read a book until you get drowsy OR just deal with it: it’s God’s way of getting you ready for life with a newborn.

Or, as Shea continued, “Wishing this baby would get here so all this practice has a purpose.”

If I’m not my usual self the next time you see me, just pat me on my back (not my belly) and tell me I’m going to be okay. Just 6 more weeks.


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