In His Words: What My Husband Thinks About Me

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I came across this assignment on From Mrs to Mama, and I thought, “How fun!” I read a whole bunch of the other submissions on her link party page, so I immediately emailed Cameron and asked him to write about me.

Here, ladies and gentlemen, are the unedited thoughts from my husband 🙂

Facts about my wife:

  1. First and foremost, my wife inspires and motivates me to be the best man and husband I can be, every day.
  2. Her shoes and hair seem to be the toughest decisions of the day.
  3. When she has a spout of inspiration to create something, she does it right away.
  4. She loves watching/listening to the T.V. Primarily episodes of The Office.
  5. She hates drinking water.
  6. She’s provided me with a relentless sweet tooth.
  7. She likes pregnancy more than she lets on.
  8. She likes Crossfit more than she lets on. 
  9. She could eat pizza for every meal, if I were not around.
  10. She’s great with people even though she is an introvert.
  11. Surprisingly she has no weird food things. She likes food pretty straightforward.
  12. She has a gift for planning and executing things. Vacations, for example. 
  13. She speaks English very well (aka grammar nazi :)) (aka she is going to rip this post to pieces after she reads it)
  14. She’s a great math teacher.
  15. She taught physics.
  16. She’s my wife and mother of my son.
  17. I know she will be an awesome mother.
  18. I love her.


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  1. Deena Rabalais

    Awe….I love!!

  2. What a guy!


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