Two Looks: Workin’ and Workin’ Out

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I’m a high school Math teacher, if you didn’t know. I don’t usually dress like a typical teacher (I’m talking about cat sweaters and white sneakers); I try to have some style most days, although pregnancy impedes that a little. It’s just too expensive to have an entire, cute maternity wardrobe. So I make do.

Today we learned about logarithms. πŸ™‚ I really like teaching this particular topic. Notice the overhead projector? I have officially started sitting down most days (as of last week)! My feet were swelling and starting to hurt after being on my feet for nearly 5 hours a day.

Overhead projector 4_23

And heeeere is what I wore today!

Front shot of outfit 4_23

Side shot of outfit 4_23

Dress: Old Navy maternity
Cardigan: Forever 21
Shoes: Shoe Style by Hush Puppies
Earrings and Necklace: Forever 21

Here are the shoes – They are tiny little heels, and they’re comfortable. My kids think they look like old-lady shoes.

Red shoes 4_23

After work, I went straight to the gym. It was a doozy today. My shoulders are KILLING me right now; I can’t imagine what tomorrow will feel like!


Using a 8-kg kettle bell, I did 5 strict presses per arm.
Using a 12-kg kettle bell, I did 5 step-ups per arm.
Then I repeated those two parts for 3 rounds.

Kettle bell from front 4_23

Kettlebell from side 4_23


We set the rower to the highest resistance, and I grabbed a 16-kg kettle bell.
There were 8 parts altogether:

1. Farmer’s Walk holding a 16-kg and a 12-kg kettle bell. At the other end of the room, I switched arms and walked back.
2. Step 1 took 44 seconds, so I had to row 220 meters.
3. Farmer’s Walk (same thing with the 12 and 16).
4. Step 3 took 32 seconds, so I had to row until I burned 32 calories.
5. Farmer’s Walk
6. Step 5 took 31 seconds, so I had to row 310 meters.
7. Farmer’s Walk
8. TOTAL TIME for the 4 Farmer’s Walks was 4 minutes, 14 seconds. So, I had to do as many Farmer’s Walks as possible in 4 minutes, 14 seconds.

I completed 6.5 rounds.

Needless to say, my shoulders are on fire. Typing this post right now is painful! Thanks a lot, Chris.


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  1. Wow you do an intense workout! I barely worked out at all when I was pregnant, I was so lazy! Thanks for linking up with the comment promise hop! πŸ™‚

  2. Adorable outfit! And good for you for continuing to work-out even while pregnant!

    Visiting from Comment Promise Hop from You Just Can’t Google Everything:)


  3. travels with mary

    I am so impressed– I don’t kettlebell and I’m not even pregnant! also I’m so excited to find another teacher-blogger, I stopped by from the “Comment Promise” hop but I’m excited to check out your blog!

  4. Aww your baby bump is so cute and stylish πŸ™‚ Good for you mama for working out. I know I was completely lazy while pregnant haha! Good luck on the rest of your pregnancy! Coming from the Comment Promise hop.

  5. Great outfit and way to keep in shape! Such an inspiration.

  6. You look great! I couldnt imagine doing that work out when I was pregnant. That was the last thing I wanted to do haha

  7. Stopping by from comment hop! Congrats on your pregnancy, I noticed you live in the D.C area, my hubby and I just moved to Fredericksburg so not to far away! Congrats again on the little one on the way!

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