Symptoms Update!

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Here is a recap of all the symptoms I’ve experienced and when. I just gathered the info from old posts! I don’t really have a great memory.

Symptom / When it started

1. Tiredness / 3-4 weeks

2. Hunger / 3-4 weeks

3. Nausea / 6 weeks

4. Facial breakouts / 6 weeks

5. Need to pee / 10 weeks

6. Itchiness / 10 weeks

7. Achy upper back (nothing in the lower back) / 20 weeks

8. Heartburn / 24 weeks

9. Super low sex drive / 25 weeks (just making up that time… I didn’t blog it, so I don’t remember when it started.)

10. Numbness / 27 weeks

11. ECP / 28 weeks

12. Hot flashes/ 28 weeks

13. Nose bleeds / 30 weeks

14. Swelling / 31 weeks

Now that I’m around 33 weeks, here is an update on the above symptoms. Using the list above, here are the symptoms I still experience:

1. Tiredness – always. I was always pretty tired, even before getting pregnant. This one’s no surprise.

2. Hunger. It just hits me! Sometimes, I feel fine until, out of nowhere, I get SUPER hungry. It’s to a point where I really can’t do anything until I get some grub!

6. Itchiness. This is not all the time like it used to be. I’ve stretched out quite a bit in my stomach, but it doesn’t itch all that bad. I do put on lotions and oils most days, which probably helps.

7. Achy upper back! This is most likely workout-related. What can ya do? Stop working out? Nooo thanks. I need it.

8. Heartburn. It’s gotten worse! It has not gone away. It sucks.

9. Low sex drive. Cameron’s been great, despite my lack of attention in that area.

10. Numbness. This has gotten worse, too. My hands go completely numb during the night, and it wakes me up every 90 minutes, I’d say (maybe more frequently!). I don’t know what I could possibly do differently. They also go numb when I’m lifting weights, but we tend to avoid those exercises once Chris realizes that particular exercise causes the numbness.

11. ECP. This may also be a workout thing, but it is just another reason sleeping is the worst thing ever! I want/love to sleep. But it kills me to turn over when I have horrible groin pain.

12. Hot flashes. These can be debilitating! I can hardly concentrate. And I know it’s just me when the folks around me are sitting in long sleeves, comfortably. And I am about to pass out.

14. Swelling. I can tell a difference if I’ve been sitting a long time without propping my legs up. Also, if I’ve taught all day without sitting down, I notice my feet are very swollen. My hands have not been swollen (if so, it’s been slight).

This is a great post for me to look back and reread if I’m ever pregnant again! Hopefully you got something out of it, too (that is, if you’re pregnant).


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