The Good Things in Life

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When you become pregnant, there are lots of things you should and shouldn’t do.

No caffeine.
No deli meat unless you heat it up first.
None of this fish or that fish.
No soda.
No sleeping on your back.
No cough medicine that has any alcohol in it.

And the list goes on….

But the biggest concern, according to my doctor, is STRESS! It’s one of the worst things you can hold onto while you’re preggers.

And it’s my biggest struggle! I hold onto anxiety like it’s a duffel bag filled with cash. Any I don’t just get anxious about big things (like flying, getting married, or starting a new job). I get anxious about small things, like what jewelry will best go with that outfit, why my husband is more than 5 minutes late from work, or having food stuck in my teeth.

Here is my very first “pregnant” picture, at about 6 weeks (back in October 2012):

6 weeks pregnant

My goal from the beginning: CHILL OUT. I knew it was important to stop stressing, so I tried. I made a conscious effort to stop getting upset or worked up.

The copy machine at work is down, and I have to make do without copies? No biggie.

The bus drives by right as I’m walking out the door? Oh well, the next one will be here soon enough.

Cameron has a last-minute issue at work and may be a half hour late? Okay, whatever.

I’m TRYING! I’m not perfect!

Here I am today:

33 weeks pregnant

Here are the good things in life:

My first baby is kicking, active, healthy.

The doctor says everything’s on track with MY health.

I bought wrist braces a few days ago and only woke up 3-4 times in the night instead of 8-10 times.

Several people, just this week, told me that I looked great, that I’m only big in the front. Granted, I’ve heard that before, but I needed to hear it again. Someone even used the word “awesome”.

I kicked butt at the gym on Tuesday. I felt really pretty powerful.

Cameron and I are getting along really well these days, and it feels … wonderful.

Speaking of Cameron, I have the best husband I could ask for. He’s going to be a superdad (and super dad). I can just feel it.

I hung out with a friend and her baby, and it was, well, sweet. It was interesting to see THE FUTURE. Here they are (Carissa and her baby Eloise):

Carissa and Eloise

Anyway, life is good. And I’m happy.


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  1. Following through Dysfunctions’ linking ladies. You look fabulous! just go with it you’re nearly there (no matter how many times i heard it, it never made me feel better lol)

  2. Thank you for spreading JOY and sharing at the Oh What a HAPPY Day party.

    Holly at Not Done Growing


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