A Quick Apology!

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I was reading some blogs tonight and came across this one at The Pinot Project. She mentioned how blogging is hard, and there are lots of rules to follow and so forth.

I have probably broken these unspoken rules.

I’m sorry! if you’ve ever commented and I didn’t respond. I didn’t realize (until recently) that when I reply to a comment on my blog, the reply wasn’t automatically sent to you, the commenter! So you just assumed I ignored you.

I’m sorry! if I got an idea from your blog, used it, and didn’t credit you. It never even crossed my mind! I will try to remember when I use ideas or am inspired by someone that I need to give them credit. We’re all trying to get more traffic out here. 🙂

I’m sorry! if you aren’t a blogger and are like “Huh?” Just disregard this post. It has nothing to do with the baby, pregnancy, or anything at all.


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  1. Oh rules smules. Don’t worry about them and don’t feel bad! Just credit in the future and figure out how to respond to people:)

  2. You would think that with all the technology we have, there would be a way to notify people when bloggers respond to their comments. If there is, I haven’t figured it out!

  3. I hate that i don’t get notified about comments – it’s so silly!!

    Found you through blog collective – would love a follow back!

    – Heather


  4. I think we have all broken said unspoken rules, I think that there needs to be a “blogging rules” post we can all check out ha ha!

  5. I get emails when someone comments on my blog but am not sure what I did to make that happen.

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