New Blog Button! Also…HELP!

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Hi all!

It’s taken many many hours of drawing on paper then learning and working with Adobe Illustrator, but I finally have created my first blog button. Is it perfect? Nah. But I think it’ll do for now. 🙂


I know how to create the HTML code for the button so that, if someone were to share it, it would link back to my site.

I can even create a text box, after much tribulation.


What I can’t figure out is how to input the HTML code for the button inside of the text box. Whenever I try, the clickable blog button just shows up with no HTML!

Like this:

I KNOW that so many of you have these on your blogs. I see them every time I participate in a link party. There’s the button, and right below it, in a box, is the corresponding HTML.

HELP!! If you know how to do the proper coding for this, could you let me know? I’m going crazy here. 🙂


I figured it out. 🙂 Okay, actually it was my friend Melissa told me what to do. I did a Google search for “grab my button code” and found a site that will just make it for you! So many hours, down the drain. It’s okay though because I learned quite a bit about HTML in the process.


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  1. Hi Lovely, love your awesome blog. I’m your newest follower from blog hop. Followed you via FB, Twitter & Bloglovin’.

    Feel free to visit, follow and leave comments @



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