My Wonderful Husband and Baby Daddy

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I realized that this blog, which is about “baby #1”, couldn’t happen without Cameron. I can provide the egg, but someone’s gotta prov…. you get what I’m saying. And I haven’t shared much about him at all! This post is all about Cameron HK.

Our Story, in Brief

Cameron and I are both from Louisiana, though our families live about 2 hours apart. From 2002-2006, we attended Centenary College in Louisiana, a tiny little school of 900 Undergrad students:


You see, though, we didn’t meet in college. In college, Cameron had long hair and a beard. He was the video guy (I remember seeing him walk around with a video camera all the time), and he also played saxophone in the jazz band. I remember that. Besides those few things, and his name, I didn’t know anything about Cameron. We’d politely wave or smile at each other because, well, that’s Centenary.

In June 2006, I moved straight to NYC to join a program called the NYC Teaching Fellows. This post isn’t about me, so I won’t get into my NYC life or stories! (That should really be a separate blog…. so many stories.)

NYC Teaching Fellows

Cameron, instead, stayed in Shreveport. He primarily worked at a local news station:

He realized that video was something he wanted to do, but he did not want to stay in news. That’s when he found a job working for the Federal Aviation Administration in Washington DC. So he moved up to DC in about January of 2008.

With mom cousin and GmaHere is a picture of his mom Laura, cousin Roxy, and his grandma Kay, when they visited him in DC

Just a few months later, in April 2008, I was coming up on my Spring Break from teaching. I wanted to take a trip somewhere, but no one would go with me! I figured that a trip to DC would be convenient because it’s just a 4-hour bus ride from NYC. I booked a hotel for one night. I planned to see a few monuments, visit a museum or two, and maybe go shopping.

Since I didn’t know where to start, I searched my friends’ list on Facebook for “DC” to see if anyone from college lived there. Turns out, Cameron lived in DC. So I shot him a message: “Hey, I’ll be in DC soon, and I was wondering if you could recommend a few monuments or museums to see or if you could give me an idea of where to shop.” He responded, “Actually, I get off work at 5:00, and I could just show you around!”

That day, we did a little sightseeing together. Here is a picture from our very first day together:

First day together

Shortly after that trip, Cameron took his first trip to NYC to visit me, too! Actually, this picture may have been a few months later (since we’re wearing sweaters…).

Cam in NYLong story short: we hit it off. And in August of 2009, I decided to move to DC to see if this relationship had the legs to go the distance.

Turns out, it did! In August 2010, Cameron proposed. And in August 2011, we got married. 🙂

wedding kiss

The honeymoon was at Disneyworld in Orlando. It was fun! We stayed at the Animal Kingdom lodge. Here are a few pictures from that trip 🙂

view from balconyThis is a picture from our balcony!

magic kingdom

At the entrance to Magic Kingdom, I think

with goofy

This is just silly 🙂

Here is a video we made for our 1st anniversary (August 2012, of course):

And THEN… here is the first post from this blog, which is where the rest of our story continues!

Great Things about Cameron

1. He’s a great cook.
2. He can be incredibly patient with me! I like to ramble and whine a lot, and he just goes with the flow.
3. He is really goofy and knows how to lighten a mood.
4. He is a strong, growing Christian guy.
5. He really cares about people.
6. He constantly tries to improve himself!
7. He has a pretty awesome bod.
8. He’s a hottie.
9. He is passionate about what he does (he’s a video editor).
10. He is supportive of me in all things (okay, EXCEPT when I decide I want pizza for dinner 3 nights in a row).


I’m really lucky to have found him. He was awesome when we first met. Then he got a little better. Then he got into shape, which was sweet. 😉 THEN he became a Christian! He just gets better and better. He’s going to be an awesome dad. And I want him to have this little post to look back and read when things get tough with our first kid around. We’ll both be extra tired, I’m afraid, and I want us to remember how great we are as a couple! I want our child to know that his mama and daddy love each other and are awesome.


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  1. I love this! I’ve always wondered how you two met. Sweet!

  2. OMG!! I just squealed at work reading this story! I LOVE hearing how couples met and grew together. Now I’m going back and reading all your pregnancy posts too. 🙂 Thanks so much for posting on my blog – I’m so glad I found yours!!!

  3. You two are soooo cute together!! I am so happy for both of you and can’t wait to see you become a mom – you are going to be wonderful. I LOVE reading your post!!

  4. Deena Rabalais

    AWE…I knew I loved him, but LOVE him more than ever now!!!!

  5. So sweet! We went to disney on our honeymoon too and loved it!!

  6. This is BEAUTIFUL!!! I love this. Awesome idea and great poem! Found you through the blog hop!!


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