Today’s Workout!

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No pictures this time. I just need someone to follow me around with a camera so I’ll have pictures for this doggone blog! Everything’s better with pictures. Right?

Good news! That pesky groin pain seems to be subsiding. I could finally do some squatting today without pain. Awesome! That opens up a world of possibilities. I was getting sick of JUST doing upper body workouts.

500 meter row
10 squats with my back against the wall
5 squats facing the wall (so close that my belly is just about touching)
10 reverse hand pushups against the wall (your hands are essentially upside down)
Repeat italicized part 2 more times

10 strict presses with 15-pound bar

Conditioning (the Tough Stuff)
This was an ABABAB workout:

Part A:
For 3 minutes, do as many reps as possible (AMRAP):
5 presses (with 40 pounds)
10 Russian twists

Rest 1 minute

Part B:
For 3 minutes, do AMRAP:
5 prenatal Burpees (1 Burpee = 1 pushup + 1 squat + 1 step-up with left + 1 step-up with right)
5 Pallof presses per side

Rest 1 minute

Total workout was 23 minutes after the warmup. It was exhausting! My poor shoulders were killing me. 🙂


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  1. that’s awesome you’re working out – love it! thanks for stopping by my blog (and glad you love disney too!) new follower on your blog now!

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