35 Weeks Today!

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Things are getting weird.

Okay, they’ve BEEN weird. Ever since another person started growing inside of me.

Today I hit 35 weeks. That means I have “about a month” left, even though it’s a little more. Wishful thinking, yes?

How are you feeling?

Besides just really tired, I feel fine! My walk to work is getting a little uncomfortable. It’s just over a mile, mostly uphill. And my doggone calves and shins are ACHY after the first big hill. But I don’t get out of breath like I used to.

Last night, something weird happened. It’s probably in my head, but the top of my belly got really tight and painful, and it didn’t subside for at least 30 seconds. I’m assuming that was the baby stretching out and NOT one of those fake contractions. I think that I’d feel a fake contraction a little lower.

Weight gain?

It’s a little rude that you asked, but I’m not one for keeping secrets. I actually haven’t gained any weight in about a month.

I think I ran out of space in there. So baby is taking over where fluid used to be. I feel tighter and LOOK way bigger (or so everyone keeps telling me). But I haven’t gained any more. I’m sitting steady at 30 pounds right now. Woo!

How’s he doing?

Who, the baby or Cameron? Well the baby is around 20 inches long and weighs about 5.5 pounds apparently.

And Cameron? Well, Cameron is just fine, too. Thanks for asking. 🙂




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