10 Reasons I Can’t Sleep at Night: Pregnancy Edition (VIDEO)

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I decided a week ago that I wanted to create a funny video that showcases all the silly reasons we pregnant folks can’t sleep at night. This ranges from heartburn to ECP to weird baby nightmares.

After about 15 hours of planning, shooting, and editing the past 5 days, the video is finally up and running.

Here she is, in all her glory! Frankly, I think it’s hilarious. But I’m biased. 😉


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  1. Hahahahaha…..that was a funny video. 😀

    Thank you for linking up at the weekend bloglovin hop.

    Iris♥ @ The BlueBirdhouse

  2. How cute!!! I was in your shoes last year. #6 is the worst!

  3. Ha! So funny and SO true. What’s with the numb hands?? That was the worst for me!

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  5. That was great! Very funny and spot on!


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