Friday Recap (with Pictures)

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I’ve decided I want a few blog-related traditions:

1. Friday Recap: Every Friday, I’ll post some pictures I’ve taken during the week.
2. Obligatory Outfit Post: Every Monday, I’ll post an outfit from the past week.
3. Today’s Workout: Every Tuesday, I’ll post my workout of the day (maybe it will include pictures, too!).
4. Weekly Baby Update: Every Thursday, I’ll update you guys on either the pregnancy OR the baby.

Moving right along…

text from camOn Sunday, Cameron wanted to make sure that his outfit was up to par. 🙂

inspiration picThis is my inspiration photo for ONE MONTH AFTER THE BABY! I’m just kidding.
Also, trainer Chris is not happy about this. He says she probably isn’t that strong. And I’m way stronger. And I should be satisfied with my hard work. And blah blah blah.

ink on handsI had a fight with my wet erase markers.

spraypaint girlSaw this pretty piece spray painted onto an electric box on the way home from the gym

old land roverI’m a fan of Land/Range Rovers. Check out this sweet, older model!

misspelled nameI just love it when someone spells my name wrong. 🙂 Bethney is a new one for me.

milk in bowlI was so tired yesterday morning that I poured myself a bowl of milk. I didn’t realize that usually you put cereal in there, too.

text from momMy mama was trying to pep me up! I was exhausted (see previous photo!), and she was encouraging me a little. 🙂

So… how was your week?



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  1. alisonlumbatis

    LOL at the first pic, that is completely something my hubby would do. Also, Starbucks has NEVER spelled my name right…ever. I didn’t know they could come up with so many variations of Alison that didn’t involve the correct spelling. Have a wonderful weekend, girl!

  2. LOL! Loved your week :). Thanks so much for sharing this with us at The Show Off Blog Party!

    The Wondering Brain

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