What I’ve Learned in One Month of Blogging

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Today is May 4.

Unofficially, I started my blog at the end of August last year. But I REALLY started my blog (promoting and all that) on April 4.

On April 4, I had had 9 page views. Here was my first post where I really put in some effort.

As of this morning, I’ve had a little over 3,000 page views. Yay! Movin’ on up.

Looking back to the beginning, there were so many things I did NOT know about blogging! And here is my current list (although I’m sure that, after 1 year, the list will look much different):

What I’ve Learned in One Month of Blogging:

1. Blogging is more than just writing about a particular topic and clicking “publish”. If no one’s reading, you’ve got yourself a personal online journal.

2. When you have a tiny starter blog, no one will randomly find it. I did a Google search for “pregnancy blogs”. I wasn’t in the first 10 pages of results. I’m not going to keep looking. My point is that followers won’t find you. You have to find them.

3. Link parties! I’d never heard of them. Some people call them Linky Parties, but I prefer “link”. Basically, you find these online gatherings where people ask you to post on a specific topic OR submit just your main blog URL. For example, there are lots of “here’s what I wore today” parties. There are tons of “DIY and crafts” parties. You can search for specific types of parties or…..

4. If you follow lots of people (on Bloglovin‘, which is similar to what Google Reader was), often they’ll follow back. If you read their posts daily, you’ll find new link parties that way.

5. I’ve learned a lot of HTML this month! Some of it is so second-nature to me now, it’s funny that I just learned it.

6. If someone comments on your blog, it’s just polite to go back to their blog and comment, too.

7. There are some really awesome folks out there. While I’ve just “met” many of them, I really enjoy getting to know them through their posts. Check out “Link Parties” at the top of the page to see who they are!

8. Not all blog host sites are created equal. MOST people use Blogger, I’ve discovered. There are some widgets (basically, little add-ons to your site’s look) that are not available in WordPress without a plug-in. In order to use a plug-in, you need access to your site’s HTML page. In order to access your site’s HTML page, you have to pay for the web space and host your site yourself. Sooo, I’m not there yet.

9. I’ve got an addictive personality. I found that blogging is something I’m good at and enjoy. So I spend WAY too much time every day doing it. I’m thinking this baby will slow me down when he shows up.

10. Post often. Post regularly. You can’t just post 1 thing Monday, 3 things Friday, and then not post again for two weeks. Unless you’re the Pioneer Woman, folks are going to quickly move on from you!

That was complete stream of consciousness. I have a feeling there are other things I’ve learned, but that’s definitely a good summary. Any thoughts from other bloggers out there?


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  2. Hey Bethany! So fun reading about your first month of blogging. Can TOTALLY relate to it all… especially the addictive part! Thanks so much for linking up at the Weekend Blog Block Party this past weekend! So happy to be following you! I also host THE Pin It Party which goes live Wednesdays at 10 pm EST. I think this post would be perfect for it! Hope you will swing by Wednesday night or Thursday! XO, ellie @ creative geekery


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