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Today was my first baby shower ever! At least I believe it was my first. I don’t remember going to any other showers in my life.

It was a lot of fun!

Sweet table settingI loved the sweet napkins and cups. And man…fresh strawberries? That was awesome. We also had lasagna, chips and salsa, and some other fresh fruits.

We played a lot of games! It was great for me because I’m a total game nerd. I prefer playing games to just about anything else. For the first game, the girls had to use streamer paper to guess how big around my stomach was. It was silly!

The second game’s objective was to create the perfect diaper using toilet paper. They were in teams, and I had to judge it. It was hilarious. I HAVE pictures of this, but I don’t want to embarrass anyone. 🙂

Playing a word scramble gameHere, everyone had to unscramble baby-related words. Whoever got the most, won a prize! Actually, I was the only person to get them all right. But I couldn’t win prizes since I got a bunch of gifts already!

Baby food tastingThe next game was the traditional, taste-the-baby-food game. Apparently the two yucky ones were peas and turkey with gravy. I did not participate. 😉 I just watched everyone else.

After those games, we opened presents. I got some really sweet cards. Everyone was really thoughtful. The gifts were just great. Unfortunately, my camera takes blurry pictures more often than it should. So I got very few good gift pictures. Here’s a couple, though!

Sheep noise makerActivity Gym and Play MatI’ve never heard of this tradition, but apparently, you take all the bows/ribbons from all the gifts, tape them onto a plate, and make a “crown” for the mom-to-be.

crown of bowsHere is my crown 🙂

Finally, we had some cake!

The ladiesClockwise from top left: Chenoa, Elena, Jen, Becca, Cat, Jenny, Me, and Tina

Chenoa works with the kids’ church with me. She’s pregnant and one month behind me! She has two kids, Liam and Leslie.
Elena is a random friend (I’ll actually talk about her in a future post that’s already written)! She’s a teacher and a mom to little Ian, who is 14 months old.
Jen is a great friend and the coordinator of kids’ church. She’s got 3 boys, Sam, Levi, and Nate. She was one of the hostesses of the shower!
Becca is another worker with kids’ church. She’s heading to Jordan on a mission trip in about a week!
Cat is another volunteer with kids’ church. She is a nutritionist/dietician. And she does awesome stuff with her hair.
Jenny is one of the moms of the kids we work with, little Sophia. She’s super sweet.
Tina was the brains behind the shower. She came up with the games and the themes and stuff. She did a great job!

It was a lot of fun! Now I know that a baby shower isn’t scary or intimidating. I think I could do one again.


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  1. Looks like fun! I’ve been to quite a few baby showers (including my own) and they are generally pretty fun!

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