Obligatory Outfit Post (About 36 Weeks)

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Date: Tuesday, May 7, 2013
Pregnancy: 35 weeks, 5 days

I was starting to get real tired of the same outfits recently. So Cameron let me get a few new things. This dress is really sweet with its flared sleeves (not sure the technical term) and the eyelets at the neckline. It’s also a nice color (royal blue?).

Dress: Old Navy maternity
Earrings: Forever 21
Shoes: Mariana by Golc (from Zappos)

Side shotI just do not know how to smile in pictures anymore…

The detailsThe pretty detail on the neckline

The earringsMint is the hot color, right now, right?

ShoesPeeking over the bump 😉

Full from frontI need a tripod, I think!

SilhouetteI thought this was kind of cool-looking because it’s sort of a silhouette? Sort of.

Side shot sitting

Top half front

From above

If you have an opinion about the SHOTS, let me know! I’m not great at figuring out the best angles right now. I posted a whole bunch this time so that, after some feedback, NEXT time, I can limit it to the best ones. I just don’t quite know what they are!


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  1. You look soooo cute!! I love that dress 🙂

  2. alisonlumbatis

    Oh the end of pregnancy is so hard to dress for. I was always so sick of my maternity clothes by then that I wanted to start a bonfire with them. BUT, you look super cute in this dress and the mint earrings are the perfect touch!

  3. What a beautiful color on you – and I LOVE those earrings! You look so cute and relaxed! Thank you so much for linking up with me!

  4. You look gorgeous! Those empire waist dresses are the perfect shape/cut to show off the bump and still give some definition, and it looks super comfy too.
    Fantastic earrings as well – did you purchase recently?

    Hope you are having a great day!
    Merch Maven


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