Baby-Related Anxiety …… Babe-xiety? …… Anxie-baby?

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Either way, it’s baby-related anxiety. Or it’s pregnancy hormones. But it’s driving me a little bonkers these days.

Several times a day, I start feeling anxious. Could it be related to the baby? I’m not sure! I can’t think of any particular thoughts during those moments.

This morning, for example, I was applying my makeup, and The Office was on in the background. And I started feeling hot, my heart rate shot up, and I felt dizzy. Perhaps I am thinking about the baby and not even realizing it. How could I be more conscious of my thoughts?

I Went to the Doctor Today

First, an unrelated-to-anxiety note: she pressed around down there to feel where the head is. She found it. And it hurt! And then he started kicking the crap out of my side. Soooo thanks doc!

Second, let me give you the rundown on my OB doctors, the cause of my current level of anxiety:

1. I had Dr. A (not her initial…just the first letter of the alphabet) from the beginning up until about month 6. Then I found out she was moving to her Maryland offices, probably in May (one month before my due date). I didn’t want to take my chances, so I decided to cancel further appointments with her and switch to a new doctor.

2. Now I have Dr. B, who I have seen three times at this point. I like consistency. Every Tuesday, 3:00 pm, with the same person, for example, is right up my alley. Dr. B and I have been getting along just fine. I’ll see her again next Friday.

3. Unfortunately, I’m at the once-a-week type of appointments. She’s all booked up the following week, so I’ll see Dr. C (a male doctor, by the way).

4. The following week, I’m back with Dr. B.

5. The next week, the week of my due date, Dr. B is out of town until Wednesday, and Dr. C is out of town all week. So I’m due on Thursday. I can either see a new person (a fourth doctor) a few days before I’m due, OR I can just see Dr. B the day after my due date.

I do not like any of these options.

I’m fine with the fact that doctors take vacations. I’m okay knowing that, when I go into labor, there’s a chance that MY doctor won’t be on call. But I just need more consistency! This is stressing me out.

And that, my friends, is this week’s anxie-baby. Thanks for tuning in.


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