I Love My Mom

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Today I’m linking up with this fun little party, in honor of Mother’s Day:


Before I start, here’s a picture of me and my mom Karen. She’s a total babe.

Mom and me temp


Here are 3 things I love about my mom:

1. She is an amazing cook. You know those two pies from a while back? Those are definitely her recipes.

2. She is a giver. She’s always serving others, giving back at the church, going out of her way for people. You get the idea. Even if she’s totally pooped, she’s going to do everything she can to make someone else’s day better or life easier.

3. She is a really awesome wife to my dad. And if I ever need advice about something, I call her about it. She is honest with me about everything. And I’ve always felt I can go to her with any concerns.

I love my mom. 🙂

Happy Mother’s Day to mama and all you other moms out there! I’m thisclose to being a mom, but I don’t think I count just yet!


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