Weekend Shenanigans

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Here’s what we did this weekend (it was super busy):

Blog Stuff
First, I set up a ToDoist account where I tried to figure out when various link parties went live and on which days. Not sure how many of them are the exact same time every week, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

Screen Shot 2013-05-12 at 5.14.07 PMBaby Stuff
We have a tall black bookcase that we use to hold shoes. I decided it should hold baby stuff instead. We went to the Container Store to find another option for holding shoes.

shoe organizerI wanted to organize the black bookcase into a few simple containers for baby bath stuff, baby books, baby toys, that sort of thing. So we found some pretty boxes and re-did the black bookcase!


Then we went through a bunch of baby stuff we had gotten recently and put a few more things away. For example, the teeny tiny diapers under the changing table attached to the crib:

diapers under changing tableAnd we put some MORE clothes away….

clothes in drawer

Speaking of stuff we’ve been getting, we also started on the Thank You notes! I don’t want to get swamped later on because I put them off for too long. Cameron helped with the stamping!

thank you notes

Also, we read a book to the baby, in utero. Apparently he’ll recognize when he comes out? We shall see!

in utero book

Work Stuff
Finally, I hand out certificates each year to my students. Everybody gets something. In high school, the only ones who get awards are the few kids who have perfect attendance and those on Honor Roll. Most of everyone else doesn’t ever get anything, so I think it’s kind of nice to just let them know that they’re special in some way.

class awards

And for the first time in … almost a year (?, I can’t remember for sure), I slept in on a Sunday morning. I am a greeter at church, so I always get up early and get stuff set up for the kids’ church (I’ll write a little more about that in another post). But I’ve been exhausted (you can see why… I probably do too much), so I asked if it was okay that I skipped out. Of course, Jen (the coordinator) was super sweet about it.

Normally, I get to the church by 9:00. But we’d need to leave by about 9:40 in order to get to just the service on time. Cameron said that he came in to get a shirt that morning, and I didn’t even budge. I woke up around 10:15, the latest I’d slept in months. So I think that a solid 11 hours of sleep did me some good. I needed it.

And THAT is what I did this weekend.


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