Dear Baby …

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Dear Baby

It’s funny to think that you started out so tiny a long time ago. I thought I had a pretty noticeable pooch because of you. Turns out, I had no idea what I was talking about. You were only a little pea back then.

It’s funny how much I feel like I know you already. You like sweets, like your mama. Or maybe that’s the natural reaction to the sugar… but you go all haywire whenever I eat something sweet. Hopefully those are happy kicks and not “stop with all the sugar” kicks.

It’s funny how tiny you are but still so powerful. You know how to sock a good punch and kick. I bet your strength, compared to your weight, is higher than mine. I’m not even kidding. You probably weigh about 7 pounds at this point, and I bet you could lift a solid 10 pounds if you put your mind to it.

It’s funny … you used to ignore your daddy. You would go all crazy, and as soon as I told your dad, “Feel! He’s going all crazy!”, you would stop and take a nap, I guess. Silly baby.

It’s funny that you are totally camera shy. We’ll have to change that.

It’s funny, baby … I am finally realizing that in about a month, you’re going to be out here, in the real world. I can’t quite imagine it, but I’m starting to finally believe it. I wonder what you’ll look like. Chances are, a little bit like me and a little like your dad. Because that’s how genetics tends to work.

Baby, come on out when you’re ready. Your mama has gotten pretty big and is ready to get this show on the road.

But baby, take your time. I’m not sure if I’m ready just yet.

See you soon,

Your nervous and excited little mama

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  1. Sweet letter. Hang on, Momma!

  2. Oh you are ready, you just don’t know it. Trust in yourself and you will be fine! What a wonderful letter. Thank you for spreading JOY and sharing at the Oh What a HAPPY Day party.

    Holly at Not Done Growing

  3. Hello! Beautiful and sweet letter. I can tell you’re going to be an incredible mommy. I ran across your blog on the linkin-with-my-ladies-thursday-hop! I’m glad I did! I am following you with Bloglovin’. Please visit my blog and follow me. If you enjoy my post, please “Like” or leave a comment. I appreciate the support.

    Thank you,


  4. How absolutely adorable! You are going to be such a loving caring Mom and your little one is going to cherish these last thoughts when they get older!

    • Thanks so much! I know I’ll be FINE, but it’s scary to think that I have this little guy’s life in my hands. I mean, literally his life is in my hands, BUT also his future life. The decisions I make now will have an affect on him in the future. And that’s a little scary. 🙂
      Thanks for the encouraging words, and thanks for stopping by!


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