Week 37 Update

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BASICS (the stuff from the app):

I’m 37 weeks along, which means I’m full term. That means, he’s welcome to come on out whenever he wants, and he’ll be just fine.

I have 3 weeks to go. WOW. “Any day now.”

The baby is as big as a watermelon and weighs about 7 pounds.

ME (updates on me, the mama):

Biggest update is….CONTRACTIONS!

I’ve been feeling those Braxton Hicks on a daily basis. Sometimes they’re slightly uncomfortable, and sometimes, they are downright painful.

It feels like menstrual cramps. And then the stomach is super tight. And it feels like I have to pee really bad.

I SHOULD feel the “lightening” soon. That’s when the baby’s head drops down into the pelvis. It’s supposed to make it easier for me to breathe.

It’s possible I could leak colostrum! Gross! (I won’t talk about that here. But if you want to look it up, go for it!)

HIM (updates on the baby):

He’s the size of a watermelon, apparently. But Cameron and I were looking down at my belly, and ain’t no way there’s a watermelon in there. I mean, maybe if he were stretched out, he’d be as long as a watermelon. And maybe he weighs the same. But that’s a little deceptive, What Not To Expect app!

He’s just growing fat these days.

He is moving like a wild man. And it hurts. I felt a forearm the other day.

I have an OB appointment tomorrow morning (Friday 5/17). I have to get a vaccine for pertussis (I’m not totally sure if I phrased that correctly). Otherwise I’m not sure what we’ll talk about or do tomorrow. If it’s worth noting, I’ll write about it in a separate post!


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