Friday Recap: Happies and Crappies (with Pictures)

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Here’s what happened this week!


1. We fixed up the nursery a little more! Here are some pictures I posted earlier this week.

2. I spent several hours putting together certificates for my students. It takes a reeeally long time, but it’s worth it. They appreciate them.
student awards on paper3. We had dinner at two of our favorite places. First is this place where they make everything in house. I mean, they make their own ketchup. It’s awesome. The other place we had dinner (on a different day, of course) is a meat market (Cameron thinks that’s hilarious). It’s a family-run place that sells a bunch of meats and also has an awesome sandwich menu. The sandwiches are HUGE. I got the meatball sub as usual. And Cameron tried the pastrami. Look at the size of that thing:
Cameron with pastrami4. I was able to sleep in one day last weekend, and I slept about 11 hours. I have an alarm set 7 days a week, normally: Monday through Friday is 6:15 for work; Saturday is 8:00 for the gym; and Sunday is 7:15 for church. But I slept in until 10:15, and it was remarkable.

5. We have been getting PeaPod grocery deliveries for a few weeks now (we had a discount, and now we get free delivery). And it’s awesome. You just put together your shopping list online, and someone brings it all right to your door? Amazing.

6. I started a tiny ad campaign on Facebook to see if it increased my blog followers. Hard to say right now. I DID hit 130 followers on Facebook though! That’s more than tripled in the past week!

7. I decided to try eating salad as a snack (instead of, you know, Oreos)! That’s shredded carrots, not cheese. 🙂

Salad as a snack


1. Remember the amazing sandwich from #3 above? Well, right after that picture, he somehow scooted the thing off the table and got it all over the floor.
Cameron picking up pastrami2. Another thing that happened, which isn’t THAT big of a deal is that Starbucks, again, spelled my name wrong!! My name is BETHANY. In the past two weeks, I’ve seen Bethney, Betheny, and now Bethaney:
Bethaney on cup3. I am losing my sanity. I am having a hard time sleeping (despite the #4 happy), and I’m just pooped every day. I’ve been feeling guilty. I’ve been feeling like I’m disappointing people around me. I feel like my colleagues are disappointed because I am not doing my absolute best (though I feel it IS my best for this stage of my life!). I feel like Cameron is disappointed because I don’t do as much around the house. I feel like my trainer is disappointed because I just don’t have the energy to workout (and make excuses….and whine….). And I feel like anyone around me is disappointed when I’m holding a Starbucks cup (even though it’s usually either decaf or half-caff).

4. On a related note, I’ve been stressing (more than I should) about what I’ll look like after the baby’s born. I have been working out because I’m HOPING that I’ll get my shape back quicker. And then I come across this picture of Heidi Klum… 5 weeks after her baby’s born? Sheesh. Way to bring me waaay down, Klum!
Heidi Klum post baby

5. Allergies hit me smack in the face yesterday. I was feeling fine all week and now, my throat is killing me, I can hardly keep my eyes open, I have developed a tiny cough…. I’m hoping the doctor tomorrow will give me an option for some pregnancy-safe allergy meds.

I suppose the best news of all is that I have more Happies than Crappies. Right?

I bet that some other person in the universe could have had the SAME EXACT week and would have more Crappies than Happies. It’s a matter of perspective. And I’m workin’ on mine.


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  1. So excited for your new baby. These last weeks are definitely the most uncomfortable! Hang in there girl! SOOOO worth it! We would love to have you stop by our link party Strut Your Stuff Saturday at We also just launched a new sister site – Drives traffic back to your blog. Come and check it out and leave a recipe, even if you aren’t a recipe blogger. Have a great weekend. -The Six Sisters

    • Thanks for the tip on the Strut your Stuff party 🙂 I’m definitely not a recipe person since my husband does most of the cooking!
      And thank you for stopping by!

  2. Aww.. I remember the sleepiness phase when I was pregnant and I think I drove everyone nuts too! In the end, it will be all worth it! Thanks soo much for sharing this @ The SHOW OFF Weekend Blog Party 🙂

    The Wondering Brain

  3. Aww there are some things I miss about being pregnant, being constantly sleepy isn’t one of them! Although, now, as soon as I get in the car I fall asleep! Being a stay at home mom is soooo exhausting. & WHOA! That is one MASSIVE pastrami sandwich! As one of the co-hosts from the My Favorite Posts Weekend SHOW OFF Party! Also, I’m hosting a Facebook like party on my blog where you can link up and increase your Facebook likes! I’d love it if you joined in too! It’s here:

    • I know some people really enjoy being a SAHM, and others just really want to get back to work. I’m not sure which boat I’ll be in – I would think it’s more exhausting to be ON all day at work and then come home and have to be ON the whole time there, too. But who knows? 🙂 I’ll check out your Facebook party! Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Love your idea that it’s a matter of perspective. How do you manage to get up so early every day? I really want to be one of those people who gets up and goes to the gym in the morning, but I can barely wake up for work! What time do you usually go to bed at night? I can’t get to bed before 12:30/1 in the morning.

    • Well it was a mind over matter deal. My husband and I knew we needed about 8 hours of sleep. He gets up around 5:30, and I get up a little later. We usually get in bed around 9:00 and lights out by 9:30. I’ll never be a morning person, but you do get used to it. 🙂 I have a hard time, nowadays, staying up past 10:30, even on the weekends. Midnight is a real struggle. Haha.

  5. It’s definitely a matter of perspective – that’s why I like writing my ‘Happies & Crappies’ post – it makes me remember the great things about my week and balance out the (really not so) crappy bits!

    • I forgot to do mine this week! Too too busy – but you are right. It helps to list it out like that. In college, a friend of mine and I would exchange emails (we were at different schools). And he would ALWAYS format his emails into “+” and “-“. It was the good and the bad. I find that once I start complaining about one little thing, I just go on and on about the bad things that are happening.
      Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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