Happies and Crappies! and InstaFriday

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Linking up with Stephanie for Happies and Crappies and Jeannett for InstaFriday!

Happies (The Good Stuff From This Week, in Pics)

1. I got a surge of energy this week. I’m not sure if that’s normal, and, despite feeling really tired, I felt like I moved quicker. It COULD be because the baby dropped last week, and I’m able to breathe better. OR I’m just starting to get pumped that he’s almost OUTTA me.

Me in elevator2. My mama sent me this sweet text 😀

Mama text3. The class awards celebration went really well. Every year, I give specific awards to my students. We did that this past Monday. Here are a few of the awards that go out: Sunglasses at Night, Cup of Coffee, and Calculator Queen. I asked some kids to bring in snacks for their particular class, and I brought in some Trader Joe’s cookies. One girl decided to spell my name in cookies….

King in Cookies4. My littlest brother, Wesley, is 19 and just finished his first year of college. He’s always been… awkward. I mean, an awkward teen, you know? On Thursday, I called my mom’s cell phone, and Wesley answered. We ended up chatting for half an hour! It was delightful. We talked like normal grownups. I took this picture while I was walking around, talking on the phone with him.

Reflection in store window5. My dad called me, trying to figure out how to make a picture slideshow on my mom’s iPad. They wanted to use it for the baby shower last Sunday. I just think this is funny… my dad does NOT know how to do FaceTime. I’ve tried and tried to explain that you hold the phone in front of your face. He always holds it like this:

Dad Facetime6. Cameron and I went out to dinner for, potentially, the last time before the baby’s born. No, we didn’t get spicy food… I don’t like spicy. And I don’t think that works anyway (at inducing labor!). Here are some pictures from our last date night!

7. I got a pedicure and an eyebrow wax!

pedicure8. I ordered some business cards…for my blog. I know, I know. I’m not “there” yet. BUT there’ve been many times when I told someone “Yea I actually have a blog!” And then I tell them the link, but they don’t write it down. So it’s just a dead convo. So I figure, if I give them a card with the web address and my social media stuff, they might actually check it out!

Business cards

Crappies (The Bad Stuff From This Week)

1. I didn’t take any crappy pictures this week.

2. My students are Driving. Me. Crazy. I know that it’s the time of year for it. Here in DC, school goes until June 21. Because I’m just about due, I’m working until May 31 (next Friday). But there’s always the chance I have the baby before then. So, to be safe, I am going ahead and giving my final exam next week. All this week, I spent time and energy to do a really thorough Final Exam Review for them. Each class, I left 20 minutes at the end (sometimes more, depending on the class makeup) for them to ask me questions, complete the day’s review, or work on their exam notecard. What happened instead? The A/B students worked, and the rest of them (the ones who actually NEED the review) just screwed around, chatting and hanging out. At this point in the year, I’m just not going to BEG you to review for YOUR final exam. It just irritated me.

3. Another work crappy: I told them all that I have just a matter of days left. And if they needed to make up any tests or projects or anything at all, they should do it as soon as possible. There are some of them who keep saying, “Okay I’ll be by at lunch” and then don’t show up. I just know, KNOW, that next Thursday, I’m going to have 10 kids show up at lunch to do makeup work. And I’ll have to grade it and calculate averages and all of that, right before my last day. Sooo frustrating.

4. The weather was so gross this week! We had one or two nice, warm days. And the rest was either muggy and rainy OR, like today, cold. Are you kidding me? Yesterday it was 80s. And today, I needed a big jacket (which I didn’t have, so I was just cold all day).

5. The baby is all up on my right side, and it’s killing my ribs. It was mostly hurting at night, when I tried sleeping on my right side. But now it hurts during the day. When I take a deep breath, my right rib cage (is that proper biology terminology?) aches.

6. I haven’t been able to hear this whole week. I’ve had a cold (can’t breathe, coughing, etc), and now I can’t hear. My right ear seems to be more clogged, but this morning, the left one stopped up too. I don’t know what to do!

So it seems I have more Good than Bad again. That’s good, right? Hopefully the next time I post, it’ll be as a MAMA. Woop woop.


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