Blog Button Design Battle Round 3!

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Welcome to Round 3 of the Blog Button Design Battle with Peacoats & Plaid. Want to know who won Round 2? Drum roll please…

Congrats to Kalyn from Love, Laughter, Happily Ever After! Kalyn’s winning button design:

The runner-up spot goes to Amberly from Life with Amberly & Joe.

This week’s participants include:

Samantha from Designer in Teal

Jess from Plucky’s Second Thought

Petro from The Seaman Mom

Diana from DD Kimball Road

Danysia from That L.A. it Girl

Bethany from Before, During, and After

JMc from Running on Empty

Ashley from Him & Her

Danavee from This Vintage Grove

Kristin from Hopelessly Ever After

Vote for your favorite and most eye-catching button by clicking on the thumbnail below. Make sure you’re voting solely on eye appeal. You can only vote once, so make it count.

Check back next week for Round 4. If you’re interested in participating in Season 2 of the Blog Button Design Battle, make sure you subscribe to Peacoats & Plaid for updates.


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  1. Melissa Perry Moraja

    Hi! I’m co-hosting Mom’s Monday Mingle and am following thru bloglovin! I hope you’ll visit my blog and follow. I’m a mommy childrens author and illustrator

    Happy Memorial Day Weekend



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