Guest Post: Pregnant for the 2nd Time!

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Meet Jayme: 

She blogs over at Young Mum’s Guide to Survival. Here is a link to her blog! You should definitely go check her out! Jayme (Jay for short) has one toddler (an adorable little boy) and is about 8 weeks from delivering her second baby, a little girl.

I asked Jay to tell me….What’s been different for you in your second pregnancy compared to your first? And, to my surprise, there was a TON that was different for her. In her own words…..

How My Second Pregnancy Compared to My First

Have you ever woken up after what should have been a brilliant 9 hour sleep and felt absolutely exhausted? Welcome to my life!

I am 22yo, 32 weeks pregnant and I have a 16 1/2 month old son who I swear some days is going on 10!

My husband and I had planned on waiting until our son, Toby, was around 2 before we would start trying for our second child, but sometimes life has other plans and I fell pregnant when Toby was just 11 months old!

My first pregnancy had been one of those beautiful pregnancies that you read about in books and say “they must be lying, it’s nothing like that”! I had none of those pregnancy symptoms! No morning sickness, no sore breasts, no loss of energy; instead I ended up being admitted to hospital 3 times! The first 2 were with what they called silent migraines that were causing me to have hand tremors and passing out at random times, which put me as high risk and made me give up working to go on maternity leave when I was 19 weeks.

The last time I was admitted was at 34 weeks due to intense hip and pelvic pain due to my having an odd shaped pelvis, they booked me in for a c section on my due date.

I ended up being induced on my due date and had a natural birth.

My cravings were all savory and I lived on steamed potato, sweet potato and pumpkin smothered in salt and butter, Mcdonald’s breakfast, and oven-cooked fish and chips with salt and sour cream!

I also knew I was having a little boy from the day I found out I was pregnant. It was just a feeling I had and it was confirmed at our 19 week scan.

This time around has been a complete shock to my system!

I am exhausted, my breasts are sore and have grown from a B cup up to a D cup, I have more pimples than a teenager and the morning sickness left for about a month and is now back again!

I have every pregnancy symptom in the book and I now understand how unglamorous pregnancy can truly be, not to mention adding a toddler into the mix!

Apart from all those things, I have cruised through this pregnancy easily, I am low risk, and I feel that I barely see the midwives compared to my last pregnancy.

My cravings this time around have been all sweet! I live on timtam’s, lime cordial, chocolate and apricot chicken!

From the very start I knew that this pregnancy was different, and I was fairly certain that we were having a little girl this time around but I wasn’t 100% sure; maybe it was the fact that I wanted one of each so bad that I didn’t want to get my hopes up.

Once again at my 19 week scan my feelings were confirmed and we are expecting a little girl due on the 16th of July.

Pregnancy is a lot more tiring the second time around now that I have to run around after a toddler, and I was working up until I was 30 weeks, but when I think about it I am one of those lucky mums that has a toddler that has slept between 7-12 hours since he was 3 months old!

NOTE: I had no idea what timtam’s OR lime cordial were. Here is a picture of each:



Check out Jayme’s blog, especially if you’re also in the “mom blog” category!



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