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Sure, for 8 months, you’re waiting to make it to the delivery date. But there’s something about the last month. The waiting in the last month is way different. It seems like, a week ago, I was 38 weeks. But I’m only now 38 weeks and 2 days.

Saturday night was rough! I don’t think it’s insomnia because I think that insomnia means you just can’t get to sleep, and it isn’t necessarily tied to any physical thing.

I guess my mind is wandering more nowadays. Basically here is what happened:


I got super sleepy and decided to finally go to bed. I figured I’d do okay in the bedroom because I was very tired. But my legs were restless, so I went to the couch after about 10 minutes.

After some tossing and turning, I must have fallen asleep a little. My right ribs were aching because the baby is camped out on that side.


I woke up and went to the kitchen to find out the time. I heard birds chirping outside, so I thought it might be closer to 5:30. I was really, extra disoriented. I was stumbling all over the place. Finally I made my way to the bedroom. Of course I woke up poor Cameron.


Woke up, checked phone for time… Sigh. Having a contraction woke me up. I flipped over, which woke up Cameron again.


“Please, let it be 8:00 so I can just get up.” Still so early for a Saturday, and I hadn’t gotten much sleep at all. Another contraction plus aching ribs. And I had to pee….

Must have fallen back to sleep a little….


Checked time again. I thought maybe Cameron was out of bed, so that meant I could start to stir, but he was still asleep so I tried to stay really still and go back to sleep. Tossed and turned and passed out for a little bit longer.


Woke up and just lay there. I could smell bacon coming from the kitchen. So I hopped on up and out of bed.

 Photo on 5-25-13 at 10.03 PM

It was rough! My eye has been twitching since then. I need a good nap. Is that even possible anymore?

Why do people decide to get pregnant more than once?? Babies must be seriously awesome.


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