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Happies and Crappies! and InstaFriday

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Linking up with Stephanie for Happies and Crappies and Jeannett for InstaFriday!

Happies (The Good Stuff From This Week, in Pics)

1. I got a surge of energy this week. I’m not sure if that’s normal, and, despite feeling really tired, I felt like I moved quicker. It COULD be because the baby dropped last week, and I’m able to breathe better. OR I’m just starting to get pumped that he’s almost OUTTA me.

Me in elevator2. My mama sent me this sweet text 😀

Mama text3. The class awards celebration went really well. Every year, I give specific awards to my students. We did that this past Monday. Here are a few of the awards that go out: Sunglasses at Night, Cup of Coffee, and Calculator Queen. I asked some kids to bring in snacks for their particular class, and I brought in some Trader Joe’s cookies. One girl decided to spell my name in cookies….

King in Cookies4. My littlest brother, Wesley, is 19 and just finished his first year of college. He’s always been… awkward. I mean, an awkward teen, you know? On Thursday, I called my mom’s cell phone, and Wesley answered. We ended up chatting for half an hour! It was delightful. We talked like normal grownups. I took this picture while I was walking around, talking on the phone with him.

Reflection in store window5. My dad called me, trying to figure out how to make a picture slideshow on my mom’s iPad. They wanted to use it for the baby shower last Sunday. I just think this is funny… my dad does NOT know how to do FaceTime. I’ve tried and tried to explain that you hold the phone in front of your face. He always holds it like this:

Dad Facetime6. Cameron and I went out to dinner for, potentially, the last time before the baby’s born. No, we didn’t get spicy food… I don’t like spicy. And I don’t think that works anyway (at inducing labor!). Here are some pictures from our last date night!

7. I got a pedicure and an eyebrow wax!

pedicure8. I ordered some business cards…for my blog. I know, I know. I’m not “there” yet. BUT there’ve been many times when I told someone “Yea I actually have a blog!” And then I tell them the link, but they don’t write it down. So it’s just a dead convo. So I figure, if I give them a card with the web address and my social media stuff, they might actually check it out!

Business cards

Crappies (The Bad Stuff From This Week)

1. I didn’t take any crappy pictures this week.

2. My students are Driving. Me. Crazy. I know that it’s the time of year for it. Here in DC, school goes until June 21. Because I’m just about due, I’m working until May 31 (next Friday). But there’s always the chance I have the baby before then. So, to be safe, I am going ahead and giving my final exam next week. All this week, I spent time and energy to do a really thorough Final Exam Review for them. Each class, I left 20 minutes at the end (sometimes more, depending on the class makeup) for them to ask me questions, complete the day’s review, or work on their exam notecard. What happened instead? The A/B students worked, and the rest of them (the ones who actually NEED the review) just screwed around, chatting and hanging out. At this point in the year, I’m just not going to BEG you to review for YOUR final exam. It just irritated me.

3. Another work crappy: I told them all that I have just a matter of days left. And if they needed to make up any tests or projects or anything at all, they should do it as soon as possible. There are some of them who keep saying, “Okay I’ll be by at lunch” and then don’t show up. I just know, KNOW, that next Thursday, I’m going to have 10 kids show up at lunch to do makeup work. And I’ll have to grade it and calculate averages and all of that, right before my last day. Sooo frustrating.

4. The weather was so gross this week! We had one or two nice, warm days. And the rest was either muggy and rainy OR, like today, cold. Are you kidding me? Yesterday it was 80s. And today, I needed a big jacket (which I didn’t have, so I was just cold all day).

5. The baby is all up on my right side, and it’s killing my ribs. It was mostly hurting at night, when I tried sleeping on my right side. But now it hurts during the day. When I take a deep breath, my right rib cage (is that proper biology terminology?) aches.

6. I haven’t been able to hear this whole week. I’ve had a cold (can’t breathe, coughing, etc), and now I can’t hear. My right ear seems to be more clogged, but this morning, the left one stopped up too. I don’t know what to do!

So it seems I have more Good than Bad again. That’s good, right? Hopefully the next time I post, it’ll be as a MAMA. Woop woop.


I Am Grateful

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This has not been a rough pregnancy. I have heard stories about vomit in the shower, not being able to eat your favorite foods, aching lower backs, and more. But overall, it’s been a fairly easy pregnancy; I’m just a whiner. 🙂

Along the way, there have been some people who have really made a difference and made my life more enjoyable.

These are the wonderful people I want to thank before “everything changes”.

1. My husband, Cameron

I’ve complained since September about all the aches and pains and body image issues. But he has been there, supporting, loving, and praising me. Even though I don’t always believe him, he never fails to tell me I’m beautiful every day and that he loves me every day. I can be pretty grumpy and needy, but he hasn’t let it get to him.

We’ve grown SO much closer since I got pregnant. He’s going to be a fantastic dad, and it’s pretty cool to see him get so excited about it.

2. My mom and dad

I talk to my mom every few days, and my dad and I keep in touch via text more than anything. My mom has been really happy and excited this whole time, and when I’m feeling down about something, she’s always been a support. My dad plays the role of silly father, and it cracks me up. If anyone else said I was getting “plump” since I’m pregnant, I’d be offended. But for some reason, coming from him, it’s just hilarious and instead, brightens my mood.


There are other family members who’ve been really great!

I’m thankful to my Aunt Deena and Grammy (both on my mom’s side) who bought our crib.
I’m thankful for my brothers.
I’m thankful for my cousin Amy who has been really excited for me this whole time.
I’m thankful for my cousins Gwen, Kim, and Fran (on my dad’s side) who popped up on Facebook and have been showering me with love!
I’m thankful for Cameron’s mom Laura, who has been so sweet online and also sent a delightful care package for the baby!
Cameron’s extended family, Grandma Kay, Nanny Sue, Aunt Kay, cousin Roxie, and Sandra, who’ve been really supportive, either with care packages or just kind words!

3. My personal trainer (and friend), Chris S

I hope he doesn’t mind that I posted THIS particular picture of him. I only have two pictures to choose from!

Chris has been really supportive from the beginning. I was doing Crossfit with Cameron for about 4 months, with Chris and some other coaches. When I got pregnant, I told Chris about it, and immediately, he wanted to work with me. He’d worked with pregnant women before, so I knew he was someone I could trust. I took a brief hiatus because I was exhausted and nauseous a lot. When I came back, we started working out together on a regular basis. He always pushes me to go a little further and lift a little more (without raising my heart rate or getting overheated, of course!). He also recognizes if I’ve had a bad day and either (a) tries to cheer me up or (b) knows to just let me be. He has been the main reason I’ve stayed one of those “only pregnant in the belly” women.

Here’s a post where I talk about doing Crossfit while pregnant! And here’s my most recent workout.

4. Crosswalk Kids (aka Jen G)

That’s a picture of our pastor and his wife, Jen. She is the coordinator of the kids’ ministry at our church. (Technically, our church has 7 locations, so she’s the coordinator at our particular location.) I serve as the “greeter”, which means I welcome all of the kids and parents every Sunday morning, get everyone checked in, pass out name tags, and that sort of thing. Jen does a little bit of everything. On top of that, she’s a great mom to 3 awesome little boys. And she’s become a really good friend of mine over the past year.

Right when I became pregnant, she was one of the first people I told (before I even got it confirmed by the doctor). She has been so helpful and supportive throughout this journey. From a few hand-me-downs from her own children to helping with the baby shower, she has been an invaluable part of my life the past 8 months.


There are some other folks involved with CWK that I’d like to mention.

Bethany (aka B3), who has helped me take my mind off being pregnant every Sunday with her silly stories.
All the teachers who have been so sweet with their words: Hannah, Becca, Catherine, Chenoa, Carissa, Kathryn, Rachel, Ian, Kara, and I just know I’m leaving someone out.
All the moms! I don’t even know everyone’s name (I know all the kids’ names because those are on the name tags!). Lori, Diedre, Eun, Karen, and all the other moms (and a few dads 🙂 ) who ask how I’m feeling and tell me I look great every week. I don’t usually believe those comments, but it is nice to hear them on a regular basis!

5. My coworkers

Here’s our Math department (on Pi Day this year)! That’s Yufanyi, Kim, Susan, me, and Shanna (the chair). These ladies have been supportive in a very practical way this year. There’ve been days when I just couldn’t make it. I either needed to stay home or leave early, and they were all there to help out. Someone would make my copies, cover my classes, or just make sure I was okay at home. Either way, I knew that I was covered. It also helps to get rides home when I’m just too tired to walk and don’t feel like waiting for the bus!

It was refreshing to know that my classroom wasn’t going to go haywire because I wasn’t there: I have a great team of support to help out and back me up as needed. That’s great any time but especially when you’re pregnant! It doesn’t hurt that Susan has 5 children of her own, and Shanna has 3, so they are also great resources in that respect!


There are some coworkers that aren’t pictured who have been amazing.

Katy, who always tells me stories about her kids and asks how I’m doing every day.
Mr Bennett, who says “How Y’ALL doing?” every day.
Tina, who I think may be more excited than I am about having this baby. She also helped out tremendously with the baby shower (with Jen, above).
Barb, who was one of the first to empathize with my more mellow reaction to being pregnant.
Grace, who came back late this year after having her first child. She’s given me loads of insight and also some sweet pillows. 🙂
To all you guys and everyone else, THANK YOU for your support! It really has meant so much.

6. New mom, Sophia/Best friend

This is Sophia and her husband Ty. She just had her baby in March. She was in my wedding, and before that, we were in grad school together in NYC (and we were roommates there). She’s hilarious, and I was so surprised back around September when she told me she was expecting! I was thrilled because Cameron and I were just about to find out we, too, were expecting. Since she was 3 months ahead of me, it was so great talking to her on the phone from time to time. I had questions, she had answers. It was fun to dish about pregnancy with a close friend. And now that she has a little one (and we’re almost there), I know she’ll be honest with me about the realities of having a newborn.

7. Expecting mom, Mary/Best friend

Another best friend of mine who was also in my wedding, Mary was my college roommate back in Louisiana. For a while, she was living in Georgia with her husband Payton. Then, around October, she told me that she, too, was pregnant! And then, better news, they moved up here to Washington DC in January. While we don’t see each other ALL that often, we’ve hung out several times. And it’s fun to chat about pregnancy stuff, honestly. It’s not always a treat to discuss it with friends who aren’t pregnant (or even married). But when I know that Mary is going through the same sorts of things, it’s kind of fun. And now, I can be her Sophia since I’m a month ahead!

Mary has a calming presence, so whenever we’re together, I feel like everything’s going to be okay.

8. My circles of friends

PART A: Church

Thanks to my smaller small group: Claire, Emma, Rachel, and Brooke. These ladies have been really supportive in the short time I’ve known them. Brooke is also expecting (about 3 months behind me!).
Thanks to Heidi, the leader of the big small group. She is a constant smiling face and is a really great mentor to all the girls in our humongous group.
Helen (and Jesse) helped tremendously with putting together the crib and organizing baby clothes!
The hospitality girls are perfect for brightening my Sundays: Katy, Paige, Jessica, Hope, Jinna, Gia…

PART B: Crossfit

There are other coaches at the gym besides Chris. For example, here’s Stephanie (Chris’ better half) and Sara. These two, along with Tom and Julia, have been great at keeping me motivated and helping me to stay strong.

Additionally, I’ve really come to appreciate Erica, Adrian, Devon, Kelly, Katie, and Lizzie (who’s also expecting). Adrian always smiles and tells me how cute my bump is. Erica is the most encouraging, uplifting person EVER. And everyone else has just been great. I was self-conscious at first about showing up and taking up so much time from Chris, but I’ve really felt supported there.

PART C: Craigslist

My Craigslist friend is Elena. We found each other on Craigslist about two years ago! I posted something about looking for friends in the area, and she had posted something similar. So we started hanging out from time to time. Then she found out she was pregnant, and last February (2012), she had her son Ian. We have kept in touch for a while now, and she’s been another support in my life if I have pregnancy or baby questions.

9. My students

I can’t post any pictures of my students since they’re minors, and I’d probably need written permission from all 130 of their parents!

But I’ll say that my students have been really great. Of course, they don’t always have a lot of tact (“Ooo, she gettin’ big!” or “You look REAL pregnant today!”), but mostly, they ask lots of questions. How much longer? Is it a boy or a girl? Do you have a name (generally followed by, “If it’s a boy/girl, you should name him insert student’s name)? They are often brutally honest, so when someone says “You’re big up front, but you still look gooood”, I believe it. And don’t think I’ve forgotten that having 130 teenagers every year for the past 4 years here in DC has given me a nice collection of  about 500 potential babysitters!

10. The rest of ’em

There are a few folks who I’ll just group together 🙂

Shea, my former eye doctor and current neighbor, is also a new mom. Her baby was born in May (just last week!) of this year. We would bump (hehe) into each other from time to time, and it was fun to see each other grow. We talked about the weird things happening to us and what sort of stroller to get. It was fun knowing that she’s just a few floors down. It’s also great to know that she and her husband are probably going to move out of their larger apartment some time in the next year or two, so Cameron and I can check that out when the time comes!

Facebook friends! I have lots of FB friends, folks from high school and elementary school, some former students, Cameron’s family, and a lot in between. I have been trying NOT to post too much baby stuff on Facebook (I’m not sure what the percentage is, but I think that my posts are about 20% baby or pregnancy-related). The feedback is so kind! There are way too many nice comments and likes for me to really thank everyone individually. I hope that I did a good enough job of thanking you along the way.

The next phase of life is near! And I’m afraid that if I hadn’t written this post beforehand, it never would have happened. It has been a wild ride, but I do hope that I look back with fond memories. There were good times and bad, just like with anything. And soon enough, it’ll all be worth it.

Crossfit Workout 37 Weeks Pregnant

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Date: Wednesday, May 15, 2013
Location: Washington DC, Crossfit Affiliate
Trainer: Chris, as always
Photographer: Cameron, my hubby

Picture of the gym



Inchworms: Start standing. Touch your toes (or get as close as possible) then inch your hands forward as far as you can go. Then walk your feet in toward your hands. Repeat over and over.

Ring rows 2

Ring Rows: Hold onto the rings. Lean backward, keeping your body straight. Pull yourself upward using only your upper body.

Pull apart rings

Ring Pull-Aparts: Start in the same position as ring rows. Pull your arms apart. [This was my first time doing these. They are way more tough than they look!]

Pushups: I do regular “boy” pushups. I can’t go all the way to the ground though! The belly gets in the way.

Squats against the wall

Wall Squats A: Standing with your back against the wall, carefully squat, going a little further each time.

Squats facing the wall

Wall Squats B: Standing facing the wall, carefully squat and keep your body as close to the wall as you can!


For three rounds…..

12 Spin-Arounds: Chris just  made these up. Holding a weight plate, I sat on the box and had to use my core/lower body to spin around from one side to the other.

4 Prenatal Burpees: A single burpee consists of 1 pushup, 1 squat, 1 step-up (weighted) with left leg, and 1 step-up with right leg.

12 Dumbbell Curl + Press: Starting with the dumbbell at your side, curl it up to shoulder, then press it overhead. I did 6 per side.

Altogether, I took about 13 minutes to complete the Workout portion.

Weekend Shenanigans

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Here’s what we did this weekend (it was super busy):

Blog Stuff
First, I set up a ToDoist account where I tried to figure out when various link parties went live and on which days. Not sure how many of them are the exact same time every week, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

Screen Shot 2013-05-12 at 5.14.07 PMBaby Stuff
We have a tall black bookcase that we use to hold shoes. I decided it should hold baby stuff instead. We went to the Container Store to find another option for holding shoes.

shoe organizerI wanted to organize the black bookcase into a few simple containers for baby bath stuff, baby books, baby toys, that sort of thing. So we found some pretty boxes and re-did the black bookcase!


Then we went through a bunch of baby stuff we had gotten recently and put a few more things away. For example, the teeny tiny diapers under the changing table attached to the crib:

diapers under changing tableAnd we put some MORE clothes away….

clothes in drawer

Speaking of stuff we’ve been getting, we also started on the Thank You notes! I don’t want to get swamped later on because I put them off for too long. Cameron helped with the stamping!

thank you notes

Also, we read a book to the baby, in utero. Apparently he’ll recognize when he comes out? We shall see!

in utero book

Work Stuff
Finally, I hand out certificates each year to my students. Everybody gets something. In high school, the only ones who get awards are the few kids who have perfect attendance and those on Honor Roll. Most of everyone else doesn’t ever get anything, so I think it’s kind of nice to just let them know that they’re special in some way.

class awards

And for the first time in … almost a year (?, I can’t remember for sure), I slept in on a Sunday morning. I am a greeter at church, so I always get up early and get stuff set up for the kids’ church (I’ll write a little more about that in another post). But I’ve been exhausted (you can see why… I probably do too much), so I asked if it was okay that I skipped out. Of course, Jen (the coordinator) was super sweet about it.

Normally, I get to the church by 9:00. But we’d need to leave by about 9:40 in order to get to just the service on time. Cameron said that he came in to get a shirt that morning, and I didn’t even budge. I woke up around 10:15, the latest I’d slept in months. So I think that a solid 11 hours of sleep did me some good. I needed it.

And THAT is what I did this weekend.

“The Struggle is Real”

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My students like to say that “the struggle is real” when anything inconvenient happens.

I give them 12 homework problems instead of 10? The struggle is real.

They had to run to catch the bus that morning? The struggle is real.

They have two projects due in the same week? The struggle is real.

Teenagers are funny… I’m glad I’m not birthing a teenager (for a few reasons). I can handle 130 teenagers that AREN’T mine, for short periods of time (like 80 minutes maximum). But I don’t think I’m ready for that jelly.


Speaking of struggle….

I had a little bit of a freakout last night. Luckily I’m not someone who really, truly freaks out. Ever. I get a little upset sometimes. I get worked up. But I would never say I’m freaking out.

Last night I started freaking out a little about going through labor.

“Cameron. Tell me what’s going to happen,” I said.

He responded, “Well, you’re going to start contracting. And we’re going to stay here at home for 6-12 hours. Then we’ll call our doula. And we’ll head over to the hospital. And it’s going to be tough, but you’re going to push through, and you’re going to make it. And I’ll be there the entire time. And then we’ll have a baby. All in all, it will take less than a day.”

And then I felt better.

He’s pretty cute sometimes.

Maternity Photo Shoot!

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Last Saturday (May 4), my husband Cameron and I had a maternity photo shoot done. It took a few hours. We started in our apartment in Georgetown DC, then we made our way to this beautiful home and gardens (to find some nature in a big city) and did a ton of shooting there. And the photographer, Erica, took some more photos on the way home. 🙂

You’re probably thinking, “Isn’t that the same outfit she wore to her baby shower?” Well yes it is. But it was also the same day. So there!

There were about 200 pictures total. I picked around 30 to turn into a Facebook album. And now I’ve picked just a handful for you guys to see, too. Enjoy!

*standing by windowIn our apartment

*sitting on stepsBeing goofy – we aren’t really good with being serious (see the video we made….)

*sitting on steps again 2Okay, my husband is seriously adorable. Here is more info about him, by the way. 🙂

*white and blackI think this one is very…sweet.


*she is hugeHe is probably surprised at how huge I am.

*staring at meI like to see him looking at me. 🙂

*leaning on camThis was on the walk home from the gardens… the last shot of the day.

Drumroll…. MY personal favorite picture of the whole bunch!

*under the crystals

I hope you enjoyed these. It will be fun to look back at them in a few months when I’m not pregnant, and I can say to the baby, “Hey look baby. You’re in all of these pictures.” And he’ll be like, “Oh cool.”

10 Reasons I Can’t Sleep at Night: Pregnancy Edition (VIDEO)

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I decided a week ago that I wanted to create a funny video that showcases all the silly reasons we pregnant folks can’t sleep at night. This ranges from heartburn to ECP to weird baby nightmares.

After about 15 hours of planning, shooting, and editing the past 5 days, the video is finally up and running.

Here she is, in all her glory! Frankly, I think it’s hilarious. But I’m biased. 😉

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